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Meeting - Improvisation devices in dance. With Alejandro Ahmed and Gilsamara Moura.


Dance Room of Porto Iracema das Artes - Fortaleza / Ceará


In the 4th Action of the Temporal project, the research group Dramaturgia do Corpoespaço, and its extension arm Conectivo Nozes, open the doors of their study meeting to receive two guests. Alejandro Ahmed and Gilsamara Moura will share the ways in which they provoke, activate and articulate improvisation devices to create dance in their artistic productions. You're all invited!

We are a family owned and operated business.

Alejandro Ahmed:

Resident choreographer, artistic director and dancer at Grupo Cena 11 Cia. De Dança. His work as a choreographer emerged in a self-taught way, responding to his need to integrate the way he thought the world and the dance he experienced. Along with Cena 11, he promoted the development of a technique that aims to produce a dance according to the body. A body capable of better processing the ideas contained in the movement. This technique was called “physical perception” and is one of the points that structure Alejandro Ahmed's work. His gaze has always been focused on the limits of the body and the possibilities it proposes for the transformation of the body of the other, this “other” being a spectator and / or an accomplice of the action to which the body is subjected.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Gilsamara Moura:

Dance artist, manager, curator and choreographer. PhD in Communication and Semiotics (Public Policies in Dance). Master in Communication and Semiotics (Literature and Dance). Professor at the Dance School and Graduate Programs in Dance and Performing Arts (UFBA). Curator and coordinator of the International Dance Festival of Araraquara / SP. Director of Gestus Group. Creator of the Iracema Nogueira Municipal School and Gestus Cidadãos projects. Invited teacher at Impulstanz- Vienna International Dance Festival, since 2012. Last creation: NINHO: casa (H) era (Ecuador debut in June 2017).

Time: 6pm


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