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NestHouse (H) was

a solo by Gilsamara Moura


The House

We are a family owned and operated business.

It is a chalet with a porch, lined with ivy. In the living room, there is a Christmas picture with snow. There is no place for this house on familiar streets. But I claim that it has windows, light from a lamp passing through the glass, a groom who walks around the house - this one that looks somber - and a bride inside who is me. It is a corner house, indestructible. I live in it when I remember, when I want to light the fire, the taps come out, I wait for the groom, in my warm house. This house doesn’t stay in the neighborhood, demolishing. It is in a sad way of certain sunsets, when what one body wants is another body to excavate. An idea of ​​exile and tunnel.


Adélia Prado, in 'The Heart Shot'




Performer: Gilsamara Moura

Videomaker: Paulo Delfini

Light: Ricardo Portari

Photo Credit: Daniela Guimarães, Amaury Martinez, Leiberg Santos, Jeff Castro

Track and editing: Paulo Russi (Estúdio Mambequê)

Scenarios and Props: Zuarte Jr.

Costume design: Claudia Di Moura

Collaborators: Douglas Emílio, Kranya Díaz-Serrano, Luzinete Silva, César Nunes, José Paulo dos Santos, Pablo Lozano, Paulo Delfini, Leonice Moura, Laís Moura, Arlete Quintal, Daniela Guimarães, Juliana Araujo Mendonça, Hélvio Tamoio, Caio Lincoln.

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