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II Research Seminar

ÁGORA Research Group: ways of being in dance (UFBA / CNPq)


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We are a family owned and operated business.

The ÁGORA Research Group: ways of being in dance, led by Profa. Dra. Gilsamara Moura (PPGDança / PPGAC / PRODAN) and by Profa. Dr. Márcia Mignac (PPGDança / PRODAN), is designed to welcome research related to Art, Cognition and Politics under the concept of the agora, which means meeting, assembly, public space. Just like a small city within a large one, a public breath, we conceive of the group as a star within a large constellation. ÁGORA brings together artists, researchers, students, people connected to Culture, the community in general, contributing to academic training and expanding research, processes and studies in Dance, in order to collaborate with the growth of this area of ​​knowledge. As one of the research groups of the Postgraduate Program in Dance at the Federal University of Bahia, which has the first Doctorate in Dance in the world in a totally public institution, our contribution goes in the direction of promoting exchange between researchers and artists from other institutions with ours, as it has been configured in recent years - Université Côte D'Azur (France), Instituto Superior de Belas Artes (Paraguay), Laica Eloy Alfaro University (Ecuador), among others.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The proposition for this II Seminar, entitled «Clues to dance the unimaginable» welcomes signs, signs, traces, inventions and evidence of dancing in its complexity, that is, inseparable possibilities and insistences of action-thought, with the task of drawing attention to the protagonism of the body. One of the tracks is the tour and the other is the fable, always in the plural - gyrations and fables. Cute as acts-groupings of resistance and imbalance, that which can destabilize, remove from the comfort zone, provide other understandings. Fabulations as actions to invent, re-invent, replacing the tone of truth with an imaginary adventure, but materialized in dancing bodies.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Our actions at the II Research Seminar are crossed by fabulation tours (with guest speakers) and dance fabulations (with artist-researchers from the Ágora group) and are programmed as follows:

11/19/2020 - Thursday

8am - opening

8:30 am - Tour of fabulations with guest Nêgo Bispo - Quilombola Confluences against colonization

10h - Tour of fabulations with guest Helena Vieira - Body, memory and decoloniality

15h - Danced fabulations - Improving unimaginable dances

16h30 - Tour of fabulations with guest Helena Katz - The body in times of fear

We are a family owned and operated business.

11/20/2020 - Friday

10h - Tour of fabulations with guest Samuel Vida - University, Epistemicide and Black and Indigenous Genocide

14h - Tour of fabulations with guest Clovis Britto - Musealization, collections and corporealities: fissures in the body-politics of knowledge

4:30 pm - Dancing fabulations - Dancing in unimaginable contexts

People interested in being in the ZOOM room with the research group, during the scheduled lecture time, please send your full name to the following email: . After each meeting, available on the YouTube channel -

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