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Araraquara / SP


As creator of the Araraquara Dance Festival in 2001 and current curator of the International Dance Festival of Araraquara since 2017, I have rethought, with each edition, how to build and re-enchant this space with listening and rigor. Since the resumption in 2017, I have proposed axes (Aracoara / Morada do Sol / Buraco de Arara / Sem Eixo) whose actions that compose them, complement each other. If 3 concepts guided the curatorship in the last edition (Dance as Protagonist / Counter-Hegemonic Dance / Dance in the South-South Dialogues), now in 2019, I feel that the time has come to look at the city in a more expansive, delicate, caring way and to spread love for her in the form of Art.

For the year 2019, I propose a curation based on the CORAZONAR concept that exposes a rare, subtle and powerful simplicity. The activities carried out at the Festival will again be divided into 4 axes (Aracoara, Morada do Sol, Buraco de Arara, Sem Eixo) that will include mini-residences, training actions, shows, workshops, lounge for meetings and debates, black night, LGBTTQAI + night, feminist night, queer dance, creative leisure / experiments. The novelty this year is also in the Collateral Event that concerns the creation of a Virtual Dance Platform managed by graduates from the Municipal School of Dance Iracema Nogueira and open to all interested parties.

Just like the Corazonar concept in the indigenous worldview of the Kitu Kara peoples of Ecuador, the 2019 Festival curatorial proposal aims to provide spaces for the collection of knowledge and feelings, to think and feel together, to experience the alchemical hybrid - emotions / affections / reasons, to transform leisure in creativity through the Art we produce on the streets, in classrooms, in theaters, in alternative and conventional spaces.

Welcome to the Festival that smells of orange, oil palm, lavender, mimosa, palo santo ...

We are a family owned and operated business.

Gilsamara Moura


Idealization, Coordination, Production and Curator

Gilsamara Moura.

Production and curation assistant

Douglas Emilio.

Technical / logistical support

Ricardo Portari, Sabrina Kelly, Cíntia Mitie Sadoyama,

Nicolas Fernandes, Georgia Palomino, Carlos Fonseca,

Ivanise de Carlo, Angela Jacobino, Wendy Moretti, Felipe Alduina.


Araraquara City Hall, Araraquara Department of Culture, FUNDART,

Municipal Education Secretariat, Araraquara Municipal Dance School “Iracema Nogueira”,

House of Culture “Luís Antônio Martinez Correa”, Federal University of Bahia-UFBA.


SESC Araraquara

We are a family owned and operated business.


Américo Brasiliense Culture and Tourism Secretariat, Art Academy
Dance, Max Salada, NHM (New Municipal Hotel), Gestus Group, Plant Art,
GUAPO, Girls Workshop


To all who collaborate, cheer, participate, mobilize and believe.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.


Araraquara International Dance Festival 2019

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