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logomarca Agora.png

The Research Group aims to host research related to Dance, Art, Cognition and Politics under the Greek concept of ÁGORA which means meeting, assembly, public space, vast location. Just like a small city within a large one, a public breath, we conceived the group as a star within the great UFBA constellation. The Research Group aims to bring together artists, researchers, students, people linked to Culture, the community in general, contributing to academic formation and expanding research and studies in Dance, in order to collaborate with the growth of the dancing knowledge area.

First Leader: Gilsamara Moura

Vice-leader: Márcia Mignac


Research line

Cognitive and political processes in dance creation investigates dance mediated by political processes in its multiple and expanded experiences, whether through compositional practices and improvisations or performative actions and social manifestations. Our research is based on the understanding of the contemporary scene from the inseparability of cognition and bodily action and our studies bring as main concepts: epistemologies of the south, ecology of knowledge, perception, cognition, mirroring, imitation and empathy, related to dance.

Line researchers: 15
Line students: 9

logomarca Agora.png


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