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Brazier and Sugarcane Show




The dance event is organized by the La Trinchera Foundation and is sponsored by the Municipality of Manta and the Provincial Government of Manabí. It also has the support of the House of Ecuadorian Culture (CCE).


The groups from Brazil, Hungary, Peru and Ecuador appear at the La Trench cultural center and in an Eloy Alfaro parish park, northeast of Manta, from 6 to 24 June.


The first group to appear came from Brazil. With the dance work “Braseiros e Canaviais”, performed by Brazilian Gilsamara Moura and Denny Neves. The theme was a story of exploitation situations that peasants and marginalized people in that country are subjected to.


“It is a work that we are debuting in Manta for Dance, it is very political, current but also historical. Loss of citizens' rights, the coup d'état that we are going through in Brazil and that is also happening in the sister countries. This Festival is very important because it is a space that has been maintained at the Latin American level ”, said Gilsamara.


"We are creating art and a space for scientific production, this festival opens the door to a new conscience," said Denny Neves, conductor of the Federal University of Bahía, the first academy in higher education in Latin America.


The Manta festival is forming audiences for dance, there are people who know about theater. You can see that there has been an increase in interest for appreciating the art of dance, ”said Gabriela García.


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