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Come back


Nest show: home (H) era




From August 19 to September 19, 2018, this new edition proposes to reflect on our permanence over time, how to resist and evolve in the civil construction of an identity of the movement in Paraguay.




In these times of many changes, regressions and instabilities in this "island surrounded by land", to paraphrase Roa Bastos, today we stop to think about how to recreate, reinvent, lived and coexist with these realities, making resistance through collaboration networks, our way of claim our existence.


Look at the “footprints” that we leave on the path we take, we become aware of the new paths that are opening up and we cross paths to strengthen and move forward.


With artists from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain and Paraguay, the program offers four axes: interculturality, interdisciplinarity (narration, dance, theater, visual arts) inclusion and urban interventions, an agenda of activities such as workshops, lectures, debates and shows light, music, movement and images with free and free access at the Spanish Cultural Center "Juan de Salazar", the Manzana de la Rivera and urban areas of Asunción.


CREAR EN LIBERTAD 2018 invites you to celebrate!


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