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Tribute to Walter Smetak


Cabaça is a tribute to the 100 years of Swiss composer Walter Smetak. It is also a rite of passage, an ethnomusical celebration.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Gourd / Head. Sound / Silence. Mandala / Spiral.

In the union of many bodies, there was pregnancy, birth, evolution.

The gourd that we offer to the public is the result of inexhaustible processes of creating and sharing the dance that we have learned to do together.


The creation of the show Cabaça started with the filming of three pregnant dancers. With Choreographic Inventions in the Atlantic Forest of the Campus Ondina da UFBA and also a studio, filmed at the Teatro do Movimento da Escola de Dança, filmmaker André Luís Oliveira captures the interior / exterior, visible / invisible, belly / gourd, fetus / creation that three mother dancers bring in their bodies, making an analogy to the gourd that in African culture represents fertility.




Direction of the GDC project: Leda Muhana

Choreographic and dramaturgical direction: Gilsamara Moura and Carmem Paternostro

Assistant director: Ana Lúcia Oliveira

Musical direction: André Rangel

Music: Walter Smetak and André Rangel

Sonoplasty: André Rangel


lighting: Fernando Lopes

Wearable in flow: Carol Diniz

Scenography: Alessandra Santiago

Photography: Gabriel Guerra and LABFOTO

Filming and editing of the show: Paola Vásquez and Gilsamara Moura

Design: AFDesign

Production coordination: Mazurka Produções

Executive production: Maju Passos and Marcelo Galvão

Production assistant: Gilsamara Moura

Press office: Fábio Bittencourt

Body preparation: Ana Milena Navarro, Carmen Pternostro and Gilsamara Moura

Group relationship: Tania Bispo

We are a family owned and operated business.

Co-creative cast: Ariana Andrade, Carol Dias, Carolina Miranda, Fernanda Cristall, Haíssa Brandão, Leonardo Santos, Matheus Ambrozi, Nicolas Fernandes, Índio Medeiros, Tailande Bitencourt, Tâmara Rodrigues, Berg Kardy, Sinha Guimarães, Viola Luise.

Collaborators: Cintia Sadoyama, Fabi, Esther Paola, Soter Rui Xavier




Direction: André Luís Oliveira

Dramaturgical direction: Carmem Paternostro and Gilsamara Moura

Assistant Director: Ana Lúcia Oliveira

Filming support: Ariana Andrade

Creative-interpreters: Daniela Amoroso, Elisabeth Campos and Dayse Cardoso

Music: Walter Smetak

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