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Panorama Festival: Panorama Luto 2020 - Virtual


Online - YouTube


The Panorama Luto action is the way to exist in Brazil 2020 of the Panorama Festival.

In 2019, in a public letter-act, the artistic direction of the Festival decided not to hold the event for the first time since 1992.


Before us, at that moment, there was a hole. The landscape since 2018 was one of lying as politics, of everyday fascism, of attacks on freedom of expression and art as a fundamental value of a society. We decided to stop dancing and look at the hole.

We are a family owned and operated business.

But the pandemic came and that hole became a grave. Giant, endless and marked by inequality. In this hole that turned into a pit, in mid-December we will have 180 thousand Brazilian bodies. A hole that became a mountain of bodies.


The Panorama LUTO action is the online version of the project Do you have a minute to hear the word ?, which has been done by the Festival in several Brazilian cities since 2018. Using the classic hand-to-hand evangelization device, we occupy public spaces to spread not a word with a capital letter - unique, exclusive and from a single book - but all words, other worldviews, that speak of freedom, democracy, art and hope.


This time we will not be hand-to-hand, but we will keep an eye on the eye. We will be a vigil of bodies that read, between the 12th and the 14th of December, live and online, reminding everyone who left and celebrating those who stayed. We will read one second for each fatal victim of covid-19 in Brazil - we will read 50h with bodies and texts.


A liturgy of mourning, but also of hope. Noun mourning and verb mourning.

In more than 200 texts / people, we will read what we want to share with anyone who wants to listen.

In this same virtual window that kept us connected in these 9 months of isolation and pain, we will meet to remember that being able to read and choose what to read is the basis of democracy.


Panorama LUTO is an initiative of Festival Panorama and is only possible with a network of filmmaking partners in Brazil and worldwide. This action will use excerpts from works and will not have commercial or advertising use of any kind. Everyone involved in this project is a volunteer.


Panorama LUTO will have self-description in all readings, for the blind audience. You will also have automatic subtitles in part of the live readings and live translation of pounds for most of the broadcast.

About Panorama Festival

Festival Panorama is part of important international and national performing arts networks, such as Red SudAmericana de Danza, Next Step, a European network funded by the European Union that brings together more than 10 of the most prestigious contemporary performing arts festivals in Europe and the IETM , which brings together more than 500 festivals, cultural centers, theaters and other performing arts agents in the world.


In Brazil, Festival Panorama is a founding member of the International Dance Festival Circuit and the International Festival Group in Rio.

Artistic direction: Nayse López

Production direction: Rafael Fernandes

Coordination of readings: Sonia Sobral, Ricardo Marinelli, Mario Netto, Marcelo Evelin, Regina Veloso, Fabio Osório and Carla Lobo

Communication: Erica Magni and Mario Netto

Web Designer and Programming: Isa Colucci

Live broadcast: Alejandro Ahmed, Hedra Rockenbach, Andrea Capella and Luis Guilherme Guerreiro

Communication and Press: Word Advisory in Communication

Art direction and design: Bold _a design company

LIBRAS: Juliana da Silva Richter, Priscila Mara Simões, Tiago Henrique Rissardi and Wagner Silva Machado

Support Accessibility Network / Raffacult Andréa Chiesorin

Photography: Felipe Duest

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