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The show FUXICO was created to commemorate the 10 years of existence of the Gestus Group, from Araraquara.


The choreography seeks references in the group's own history, rescuing the elements that enabled the contours of what today is Gestus. The scenes are like fibers, lines and knots. They are braided, sewn, sometimes stitched together to produce a fabric of colorful threads that occupy the stage of the present and of memory.


FUXICO excels in humor, subtlety, play and, above all, reverence for the body. Dance as a creative and organic study of the body, as well as its anatomical and physiological possibilities.




Direction and Conception: Gilsamara Moura
Choreographic Assistance: Kranya Díaz Serrano
Vocal Preparation: Andréa Chakur
Lighting: Marco dos Anjos
Scenario: Alberto Fernandes and Rita Leite
Video: Celso Falcoski and Sandra Mascarenhas
Soundtrack: Musical Collage
Costume Design: Grupo Gestus
Seamstresses: Rachel Sotrate, Helena Fernandes,

Neusa Cruz, Jove Queiroz, Edméia Rocha


Adriana Cruz, Alberto Fernandes, Aline Cintra, Andreza Mattos
Denise Zanin, Érica Petroni, Fabíola Biasoli, Gilsamara Moura
Georgia Palomino, Juliana de Araújo, Lidiane Ferreira, Moema Guimarães, Sabrina Kelly, Simone Carvalho, Tadeu Queiroz
Taís Magnani, Weber Fonseca.

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