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About Us


As if entering the symbolic universe of the child, reliving moments of transition and adding new experiences, we adults want to experience again, in another Time-Space, some of our childhood experiences.


About All of us We relive this Time / Space in a transformed way and associate what children have in common: dreams, desires, needs.

16 children inspired this creation process.

16 children who can be any child.

16 children who talk about All of Us.




Direction: Gilsamara Moura

Assistant Director: Kranya Díaz-Serrano

Choreography: Mário Nascimento

Cast: Cesar Nunes, Luzinete Silva, Nirlyn Seijas, Pablo Lozano and Rafael Otoni

Trainee Dancer: Nícolas Souza

Illuminator: Ricardo Portari Filho

Graphic Project: Veridiana Santos and Pablo Lozano

Production: Nirlyn Seijas

Production Assistant: Ana Karla Marconato

Press Officer: Tadeu Queiroz

Legal Advice: Ana Karla Marconato

Physical Trainer: Cássio Mascarenhas Robert Pires

Yoga Teacher: Juliana Oliveira Michelutti

Capoeira Teacher: Gilson de Almeida

Classical Ballet Teacher: Pablo Lozano

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