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Tobacco shop


The show features the full text of the poem "Tabacaria". The interpreter punctuates the scenes with Pessoa's words, in the voice of Álvaro de Campos.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The dynamics of the scene give the poem an almost colloquial tempo. The words take on a corporal dimension, and the theater merges with the dance, without being able to define the language of one and the other, and that should never be seen as isolated areas.

We are a family owned and operated business.

There is the ritual. There is full poetry, which lets you speak through multiple languages. For the creation of the show, director Gilsamara Moura and Choreographer Mário Nascimento followed the following production steps: 1) the plunge into the universe of Fernando Pessoa and his poetic dualities; 2) production of physical score; 3) filling with images generated from the initial conflict of the work; 4) the establishment of relationships with other performers, 5) the deconstruction of language.




Text by Álvaro de Campos - Fernando Pessoa
Choreography: Mário Nascimento
General Direction: Gilsamara Moura
Artistic Direction: Kranya Díaz
Original track: Fábio Cardia
Lighting: Marco dos Anjos
Cast: Aline Viveiro, Érica Petroni, Fábio Costa, Gilsamara Moura, Tadeu Queiroz, Sabrina Kelly

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