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  Théories et pratiques artistiques in the academic context:

Polarisations et contaminations


Paris, France


The multiplication of postgraduate courses (Master, Doctorat and Post-doctorat) in the champ de l'art au Brésil ces dernières dix années interrogates the advantage between theories and practices in the academic context. The presence of disciplines in the works of the artist - arts visuels, musique, danse, theater, cinema, literature, among autres - interpelle le binarisme entre art et science et propose des nouvelles forms de perceptions de l'objet d'étude , even if the new criteria of the organization and the evaluation of the academic record.

Comment une pratique artistique peut become an academic research object? Comment on the particularity of these dishes and of their results? What are the strategies used to pass through the binaries imposed by the scientific models all under the influence of the art and the imminent need for creativity for the formulation?

Ce Colloque «Théories et pratiques artistiques dans le academic context: polarisations et contaminations» proposes a space for interdisciplinary discussion. The object of the dialogue is the academic scholarship which has been included in the spaces of action concerning the relations between theories and the artistic practices.

We are a family owned and operated business.



Association of Brazilian Researchers in France (APEB-FR)

We are a family owned and operated business.

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